The Power of Traditional Physical Therapy Combined with Alternative, Holistic Approaches

Joani is someone you can trust to solve any issue, no matter how complex or stubborn.

She combines her years of experience as a classically-trained physical therapist with cutting-edge therapies to create an optimal program for each client. The healing begins in the very first session and continues with the development of healthy patterns for a lifetime of well-being.

My clients feel understood.  Sometimes, they have given up hope. They have tried everything, and nothing has worked. To me, the most challenging cases are also the most rewarding. I love to problem solve, to untangle the confusing history of injury and trauma in the individuals body and help bring that person to a feeling of newness and well-being they did not believe possible. I love working with older clients because I know that transformation is possible at any age.”

I believe in the power of people to live, grow and become all they can be. I want to bring about change and transformation. The change can be as simple as, I want my back to stop hurtingor as all encompassing as, If I learn to live in my body in a different way, it can affect my life on many different levels and move me toward my full potential.’”