Because my ultimate goal is your well-being, now and in the future, I find it essential to work holistically. This means focusing on the immediate alleviation of pain as well as treatments that ensure your well-being in the long-term. It means listening and integrating what I learn about you to create a program uniquely suited to your needs and potential.
Such a program is enriched by my training in multiple, complementary modalities.

“Physical injuries, everyday movement habits, stress, tension, and anxiety can settle into our bodies, causing chronic pain, less than optimal posture as well as habitual ways of moving that can lead to injury. These harmful holding patterns can be changed more quickly when they are addressed on all levels.”

A carefully tailored program of strength, posture, and movement exercises puts you on the road to recovery. Classic physical therapy includes body work (joint mobilization and soft tissue release), mobilization of the nervous system, rehabilitation and strengthening exercises, movement reeducation and ergonomic adjustments.

Aston Patterning teaches us how to unravel posture and movement patterns that get in the way of healing. Based on the work of movement pioneer Judith Aston, it looks at the body as a three- dimensional, integrated system—when one part changes, the whole is affected. The healing comes through bodywork as well as training in techniques that transform unhealthy movement patterns into healthy ones.

Through injury, trauma or chronic misuse, your body may begin to work in opposition to its natural design. The Franklin Method assists you in finding the alignment and movement patterns that make sense for your unique body structure and are free of strain. Using visual imagery coupled with an accurate understanding of your body’s architecture, you can cultivate a new way of moving and step into the ease and comfort that are your birthright.

“Profound, lifelong healing can be an exciting collaboration. I want my clients to feel empowered, active partners in their own healthy transformation.”

For over a decade, I have studied various methods and techniques that address the profound influence that stress and anxiety have on the body. Simply stated, stress is played out in your myofacial system making healing more difficult. Conversely, if your muscles are in a chronic state of tension and holding patterns, they signal the brain as if you are in danger. This may perpetuate your mind’s anxiety, stress and trauma symptoms.

I utilize the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and the Polyvagal Theory: ,  Peter Levine MD:  David Hanscom MD,  Alex Howard, and others in my treatment approach.

Your inner experience—stressful emotions in the present as well as the past— can have a profound impact on your physical well-being. Inquiry is a therapeutic process that deepens your awareness of this interdependence. Gentle methods of questioning help you get in touch with your whole self and the truth of your moment-to-moment experience, uncovering hidden connections between your emotions and specific tensions in your body. The potential healing is profound, as physical release leads to emotional healing and vice versa.

“I have learned that our whole life history resides in our bodies. The accumulation of our experiences has a profound influence on how we feel, move and carry ourselves, and even how much pain we experience.

“It’s always a thrill to see a client get an insight about themselves. I love the whole process of discovery, the feeling of revelation…”