What to Expect

Your first visit, lasting sixty minutes, is a rich process of assessing your specific needs and putting together the program that will meet them.

The first part of our visit is devoted to gathering information

I take a history
          ~to learn why you are here, details of your injury, details of your pain, previous tests and treatment, and finally the impact on your life. I also take the time to learn of any personal history that may help me understand accompanying stress and tension patterns.

I perform a thorough physical therapy exam.
          ~to come up with a clear diagnosis.

I look very closely at your posture and movement style.
          ~to get a sense of how these may be exacerbating your symptoms. We consider also the ergonomics of your lifestyle.

I assess/palpate your body
          ~to investigate your joint mobility, muscle tension, strength and weakness, as well as holding patterns and resilience in your body.

Finally, I create a body map
          ~and draw the muscle tension and posture patterns in a body chart.

The second part of our visit is devoted to a plan for your healing

I have you look
          ~in the mirror or at my body modeling your pattern so you can see what I am seeing.

I explain
          ~to you the information I’ve gathered and how I want to approach your treatment and why. We discuss important first steps to put you on the road to recovery as well as plans for your healing in the long run.

We discuss
the importance of your input at every stage and how you will be involved in your own healing.

I describe
          ~any specific history/stress that may need to be addressed and to what extent they may be influencing your well-being.

And then I begin the treatment. I want you to start your journey toward healing right away!

 It is always a thrill to use my knowledge base, skills, and experience  to figure out what is going on with a client coming to me for the first time, to put together a plan and then see the excitement and hope in their faces as they realize they are in the right place. “