About Joani

Joani has benefited from comprehensive training and practice in all aspects of classical physical therapy and at the same time been driven to magnify the effectiveness of her work by rigorous training in other techniques.

In 1989, after more than a decade working at three University hospitals in rehabilitation settings, she met pioneering movement expert Judith Aston and began weaving Aston’s ideas into her practice, becoming certified in Aston Patterning three years later and opening her private practice in North Seattle. She continued taking advanced studies with Aston for the next two decades, ultimately becoming one of few trained to teach this work to fellow therapists.

She also pursued intensive studies in the Franklin Method, becoming certified to teach this particular method in 2010.

Finally, for the past fifteen years, she has been working with a modality called Inquiry, studying with Linda Krier, a teacher of the Diamond Approach in order to learn about the impact on our bodies of our inner experience.

Throughout, she has continued upgrading her education in traditional physical therapy techniques.

Always, her goal is to treat the whole self and bring about change that is both profound and enduring.

At the core of my practice is listening—to the individual and to what their bodies are telling me, to the unique story of their injuries, tensions, and patterns. I want my clients to feel free to be themselves and trust the unfolding process.”