“I’ve been referring patients to Joani Gelinas for over 30 years. While she has always excelled as a “traditional” physical therapist, and still draws on these skills to treat a wide array of injuries, over the last 20 years she has amassed a repertoire of skills from other therapeutic disciplines. She has become especially effective at treating the most recalcitrant conditions that haven’t responded to regular physical therapy. I rely on her to improve patient outcomes when other treatments haven’t worked or I’m concerned a condition will become chronic if certain perpetuating factors aren’t addressed. It is with great confidence that I recommend the work of Joani Gelinas!”
Maxine Weyant, MD, Sports Medicine and Spine Care

“I love working with Joani because her hands are as intelligent as her eyes. Whether it is my knee that is not tracking well, or my shoulder with some mysterious pain, every time I leave I feel inspired, seen, and relieved of my discomfort.
Her innovative approach is relatable and executable.”
––Chiara Guerrieri, MT 

“I have been to many PTs over the past two decades but it wasn’t until I found Joani that I finally understood what I needed to do to be able to run without knee pain. Joani’s knowledge and expertise gave me the tools to understand and change the mechanics of my running. Her thorough comprehension of the intricacies of the body and how everything works together yielded treatment and exercises that strengthened my muscles and retrained my brain.
I am grateful to have found Joani and I am thrilled to be able to once again run as much as I used to in my 20s!”
Paige C

Joani has a great therapeutic combination of rehabilitation talent. She has a keen eye for spotting faulty movement patterns and delivers skilled instructions and manual techniques to correct them. Her eclectic background gives her many resources for therapeutic interventions.  Every visit was helpful and offered relief of my symptoms that puzzled many doctors and other physical therapists. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment, your body and soul will thank you.
––Kathe Wallace, PT  Physical Therapy Resources, Pelvic Resources

“I feel fortunate to have had the benefit of Joani Gelinas’s help, first focused on addressing some painful, limiting physical problems with her skillful physical therapy, then expanding to include her teaching me new habits of moving with awareness and resilience, and then Joani’s deft and effective PT paired with her guidance on inquiring deeply into my internal experience.
What a powerful and illuminating combination! So helpful. Thank you, Joani!”

“Joani is the most patient teacher of simple, everyday movements, like walking, sitting, standing up, reaching… For those wishing to delve deeper she guides us to look into the psycho/emotional keys behind a physical challenge or pattern. Working with Joani is an enriching experience on many levels! I am ever grateful for her!”
––Katheleen Hunt

“I’m thankful for your healing abilities and positive spirit.”

Tod K, Cartologist

“I came in with pain in my knees and hips, and now I can walk

Mark Horowitz, Author of The Dance of We: The Mindful Use of Love and Power in Human Systems

“ Finding Joani has been a life saver. She is thoughtful and precise and has a sense of humor and optimism that keeps me on track and hopeful. I’m already able to do more than I have in years with less pain.”

Christine Crandall

“I got immediate release for my painful back spasm and a lesson in using imagery to help me find relief on my own. Joani’s gentle movements, accompanied by imagery of melting muscles, were the first step in moving me from a body that was stuck and tight to one that is open, pliable and supported. 

Helene Starks, PhD MPH, Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine